Export Control, CGP and Harmonized System ignorance is not a defence!

The number one reason provided for compliance gaps or security breaches? “I didn’t know that!” That should be a strong incentive to provide your staff with the knowledge required to do their jobs, but also to respect the rules of international trade and security measures to ensure your day-to-day operations are not impacted.

Our compliance course and seminars will help you meet your team’s training requirements.

Beyond the requirement for training, it is crucial to ensure that all staff members are aware of the need for export compliance, as well as the requirements imposed on the company as a result.

Our training programs are tailored to your needs and can include breakout sessions to address the varying requirements of various departments. Our programs focus on product assessment for those who need it while at the same time providing an overview for others who only need to have a general understanding of the regulations, procedures and policies.

We can provide an overview regarding the general exporting process, the different types of export permits, and the systems used to obtain export permits.

No one becomes an expert overnight! But with a clear and structured system such as the Harmonized System, it is possible to provide your people with the tools to affect basic to moderately complex classifications within a one-day seminar. These types of structured courses will provide them with further research materials they will need so that before long they can tackle all but the most challenging classifications on their own.

Our course, tailored to focus on products within your industry, includes segments on:

  • Basic structure;
  • Basic Latin terms used in legal texts such as the HS;
  • Notes (both legal and explanatory);
  • General Interpretive Rules, their precedence and key examples; and
  • Definitions that apply “…throughout the nomenclature…”

To most people, the concept of logistics is vague at best, with poor understanding of how a product moves from a purchase order to the delivery to the customer. This may result in incomplete documentation, incorrect Incoterms, and mounting frustration when something seemingly so simple can require so much additional, and in some cases complicated, information and processing.

We can help!

We will design a training course tailored to your activities so that members of departments not usually consulted on logistics matters can finally understand the basic concepts of “country of origin”, “certification of origin,” Incoterms, export controls and sanctions and embargoes. Sessions can last 2 to 8 hours depending on need and will take into account any special requirements that management feels should be included. Understanding the basics of logistics (such as the impact of Incoterms in a contract), provides your team with the knowledge and subsequent implications of how all these aspects are intertwined. It will become clearer to how those misunderstandings can cause delays to delivery or impact cost of goods sold. Tailored training to your company and team provides everyone with the same level of understanding regarding the concepts and total impact of logistics to schedule and costs and, more importantly, the bottom line!

Don't let lack of knowledge impact your operations

Our dynamic, tailored programs motivate your staff to get it right, every time.

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