Are you working with an Export Compliance Specialist?

Trade Controls and Export Compliance is a vast and sometimes complex subject as well as process. This may, in fact, be an understatement, especially if you are new to the area of exporting. Where do you begin?

Sometimes even compliance specialists need a helping hand. Whether you have a full Trade Compliance Team or, as the company owner, you are trying to determine your next move to exporting, Heroxx can provide expertise, assessments and solutions to help your organization.

We’ve Got You Covered

Gap Assessment

What is your risk exposure in terms of trade compliance? How can you be sure that you are compliant?

Our gap assessment (or process audit) service will provide you with peace of mind.

Product Assessment

Are you stumped as to the classification of your products, whether ECCN, ITAR, ECL or harmonized system codes?

We provide the expertise required to address your questions and classification challenges.


Getting formal opinions or appealing a previous decision if you know who to talk with, and what to say.

Heroxx has represented customers in those processes for over twenty-three years..

CGP Registration

You have just learned that you need to register to Canada’s Controlled Goods Program.

Let the experts at Heroxx guide you through the registration process, from security assessments to security plan.


You need to provide your employees with practical training to maintain trade compliance.

We provide tailored training services on a variety of topics within trade compliance and export controls.