We are pleased to provide you with links to various websites related to export control, regulations, and trade compliance, as well as some common trade compliance acronyms.

We strive to keep these links updated, and expect to grow the library to accommodate our clients and associates.

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Export control and controlled goods links (US and Canada)

Export control and controlled goods links (International agreements)

Customs and free trade links (North America)

Customs and free trade links (Worldwide)


AES Automated Export System (USA)
AG Australia Group (Multilateral)
AT Anti-Terrorism (USA)
BIS Bureau of Industry and Security (USA)
CBP US Customs and Border Protection (USA)
CBP Customs and Border Patrol (USA)
CBSA Canada Border Services Agency (Canada)
CCATS Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (USA)
CCL Commerce Control List (USA)
CETA Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (Free Trade Agreement)
CGD Controlled Goods Directorate (Canada)
CGP Controlled Goods Program (Canada)
CJ Commodity Jurisdiction (USA)
CSE Communications Security Establishment (Canada)
CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Canada)
DCS Destination Control Statement (USA)
DDTC Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (USA)
DOD US Department of Defense (USA)
DOJ Department of Justice (Canada and the USA)
DPL Denied Persons List (USA)
DRDC Defence Research and Development Canada (Canada)
EAR Export Administration Regulations (USA)
ECCN Export Classification Control Number (USA)
ECL Export Control List (Canada)
ECR Export Control Reform (USA)
EIPA Export and Import Permits Act (Canada)
GAC Global Affairs Canada (Canada)
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations (USA)
MLA Manufacturing Licence Agreement (USA)
MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime (Multilateral)
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement ( (Free Trade Agreement)
NIAG NATO Industrial Advisory Group
NISPOM National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (USA)
NLR No Licence Required (USA)
NSG Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (Multilateral )
OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control (USA)
PSPC Public Services and Procurement Canada (Canada)
SDN Specially Designated National (USA)
SME Significant Military Equipment (USA)
TAA Technical Assistance Agreement (USA)
TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership (Free Trade Agreement)
TTCP Technology Transfer Control Plan (USA)
USMCA US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (Free Trade Agreement)
USML United States Munitions List (USA)
VD Voluntary Disclosure (USA)
WA Wassenaar Arrangement (Multilateral)