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BIO 101 TDG – Shipping and transporting biomedical and infectious substances by ground

This training is designed specifically for staff collecting and preparing and/or transporting shipments of biological substances for ground shipment (medical or veterinary clinics, field nurses, hospitals, health centers etc.).

This course is not  suitable for carriers. Please see our TDG – Transporting biomedical substances course

MODULE 1: Introduction

This module will introduce  the candidate to the general requirements of the TDGR; his/her responsibilities; the 8 steps to compliance as well as the training requirements.

MODULE 2: Classification

After this module, the participant will be able to classify samples of infectious substances in the different categories (A, B and exempt specimens) according to Transport Canada’s protocol and United Nations requirements.

MODULE 3: Packaging and labeling

This module will allow the participant to understand the specific packaging requirements for the different categories and be able to apply the appropriate safety marks in accordance with the TDGR requirements.

MODULE 4: Transport procedures

The participant will learn the transport procedures including: the information required on a transport document (dangerous goods declaration), the placarding rules, the stowage; accidental release reports as well as particularities required under Quebec’s Road Safety Act.

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