About us

Our Mission

At Heroxx, our mission is to assist manufacturers and international traders navigate the laws and regulations of international trade. Our clients engage with us when they find that their international business needs help—from interpreting trade regulations to implementing compliant processes.

We empower our customers with tools to reduce the risk of shipment delays or penalties.

Our company

Heroxx is a registered Canadian company and small and medium-sized business (SMB). We are registered in the Controlled Goods Program (registration 28192, renewed 2022/01/12), and member of CADSI. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Heroxx is a group of trade regulations experts. Our team is an ideal partner to help meet the obligations of Industrial and Technology Benefits (ITBs) when needed. Since 1997, Heroxx has provided trade compliance services to industry and government, especially in matters relating to Customs Regulations and Export Control. With the addition of Canadian Export Consulting Services in 2016, Heroxx has become a leader in Trade Compliance Services to Canadian Industry.

Experts and Specialists in Trade Compliance and Export Controls

Christopher Fauquier, P. Eng.

Chris is a licenced engineer with over 50 years of experience in the defence and aerospace industry. He has held varied positions beginning as an electronic design engineer, for the Garrett Corporation, eventually becoming the Vice President of Sales and Government Relations in Canada and the US. After 24 years with Garrett, Chris left to start a company specializing in aerospace and defence life support. The company became a world recognized supplier of these goods. He sold his shares and created a firm advising clients on export trade compliance issues. Chris was instrumental in the implementation of the Controlled Goods Program by virtue of his position as Vice President of The Canadian Defence Industry Association, (now CADSI). Concurrently, he was also asked to temporarily join the Department of Foreign Affairs where he undertook technical assessments for the Export Controls Division.
He has held many advisory positions during his career, which have included; the NATO Industrial Advisory Group, The Defence Industrial Advisory Group, and the Industry Engagement Committee for the Controlled Goods Program.

Thomas E Jones, B.A. (International Relations)

Tom joined Revenue Canada (Customs) in 1973 and over the course of his career held assignments in the Departments of Industry, Trade and Commerce, External/Foreign Affairs, National Defence and International Trade Canada. From 1990 until his retirement Tom was Deputy Director (Technology), Export Controls Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He was directly involved in:

  • Negotiating technical parameters of goods and technology contained in Canada’s Export Control List
  • Harmonising Canadian and multilateral export control policies and procedures
  • High level discussions with the United States (1998-2001) concerning Canada/U.S. defence trade, and the impact of ITAR on same
  • The drafting and implementation of new export control Regulations, and the creation of the Controlled Goods Program.

Raymond Héroux

Raymond obtained his Professional Customs Broker designation in 1984, and worked in various compliance, logistics and consulting positions in the industry with the last one as Canadian Warehousing Product Director at Fritz Canada (now UPS-SCS). In 1997, Raymond founded the company Heroxx Logistix specializing in the area of customs compliance and compliance gap assessments.

Along the way, he helped to manage the trade compliance aspect of businesses in heavy electrical, mining, process control, data transmission and defence industries, including import and export control as well as VAT/GST compliance. He has also assisted with Free Trade programs, and the integration of compliance processes within ERP systems such as BPCS, QAD, Epicor and SAP.

He was rapporteur for the market access round tables during the Americas Business Forum of the FTAA in Toronto (1999), logistics coordinator to the ITU Connectivity forums in Geneva (2003) and Tunis (2005) and senior consultant during a Canadian program to support the implementation of Free Trade Agreement legislation in South America, travelling numerous times to Peru (2012-2015) and Colombia (2013-2014).

Glenn Sibbitt, P. Eng.

A professional Engineer, specializing in Export Controls, cryptography and Information Security, Glenn started his career at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, as the Canadian technical delegate to the negotiations leading to the Wassenaar Arrangement, the basis for most controlled exports from Canada. He then moved to Vienna to become a Senior Technical Advisor to the Wassenar Arrangement.

He then joined the Secretariat of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) as the Senior Communications Network Officer of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre. In this position, for 11 years, he was responsible for all aspects of the secure OSCE Communications Network, a network that provided a secure alternative to diplomatic channels for various Arms Control treaties. He has also worked for Rolls-Royce Canada Defence Products, and as a consultant with Canadian Export Control Services.